Achieve lower waste volumes and cleaner offshore operations

Transportation of offshore slop for treatment poses both economic and environmental challenges to drilling operations. BaraH2O® slop units utilise coagulation, flocculation and dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology to separate and recover water from the drilling waste stream directly at the rigsite. Clean water from the unit can be discharged directly to the environment or reused in pit washing operations. The unit will significantly reduce slop sent onshore for treatment by up to 95 percent.

Reduce risk with real-time oil-in-water monitoring and measurement

Recovered water can be discharged overboard in accordance with environmental regulations, so your overall waste volumes are decreased while you maintain environmentally sound drilling practices. When performing water treatment offshore, field analysis of the discharged water is required. Local discharge requirements direct the level of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) at which effluent may be discharged. We continuously monitor TPH levels to provide you with the assurance that effluent discharges meet specifications.

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Separation & Handling Solutions

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