Halliburton employees form a global team whose members respect each other. Our workforce is diverse, with 136 nationalities in over 70 countries. Through their work with Halliburton, our employees gain exposure to a wide variety of people, projects, and cultures. We take care to provide every member of our global workforce with a work environment that is safe and inclusive, opportunities to develop their careers, and competitive benefits. This environment is supported by our Code of Business Conduct (COBC) and employment practices.

Visit the Social page of the Halliburton website to read about Halliburton's workplace, culture, employee benefits, ethical employment practices, and compliance with applicable employment laws.

Our diversity and inclusion sustainability commitment

Provide a diverse and inclusive environment that upholds our core values of collaboration and respect, and provides all employees opportunities for growth and development.


Halliburton's workplace culture is built upon the foundation that includes commitment, humility, collaboration, and exceptional execution. Each employee at Halliburton knows they belong and that their contributions are valued, which makes it possible for everyone to perform their best. This culture draws and retains our talent, serves as the foundation of our Journey to ZERO, and leads us to develop innovative solutions to our customers' challenges.

Halliburton employees have access to our job descriptions, salary bands, and pay structures for a majority of the countries where we operate. When we equip employees with this information we help them understand how they can advance and chart ways to own their careers. Read more about talent development and succession management in the Training and Development section on our website.

Female and Racial diversity in STEM roles graph

Employee Resource Groups

Halliburton's five Employee Resource Groups (ERG) give employees opportunities to network and collaborate on shared interests in certain topics or social causes. We engage with our ERGs as a way to listen to, empower, and educate our workforce.

Participation in ERGs is voluntary and open to all Halliburton employees. ERGs encourage employees to pursue professional development and play an important role in fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. See Local Communities in this report for 2023 events in which our ERGs participated.

Employee Pulse Survey

Halliburton's biannual Employee Pulse Survey (EPS) allows us to listen to employee perspectives. Employees are invited to share feedback about their performance, development, and work-life balance. We invite managers to consider what improvement opportunities in the work environment they wish to focus on before the next survey and provide them with suggestions for actions and training they might undertake. Leadership is able to conduct higher level analyses by country and product service line/function to spot trends and consider larger scale initiatives based on employee input.

Largest improvement on the following EPS questions:

  • Employees feel they are valued
  • Employees receive meaningful and timely performance feedback
  • Employees are supported in their development
  • Employees have the tools necessary to perform their jobs well

Global benefits

Halliburton provides our employees with competitive global benefits programs. Our programs are flexible, comprehensive, and market competitive. We design Halliburton's benefits packages to address the diverse needs of our employees and their families. Our packages include programs and services that range from comprehensive medical coverage, retirement plans, and disability coverage to paid time off, emergency childcare, and third-party discounts.

Halliburton remains focused on updating benefits programs to help ensure they are competitive and provide meaningful benefits options for employees. Consistent with this objective, in 2023 we focused on further benefits refinements. For additional information about our benefits offerings, including the details of our Family Care Plan, please visit the Social page of the Halliburton website.

Mental health education and awareness

Halliburton's Global Employee Assistance Program (EAP) team expanded employee- and management-focused training and education opportunities this year. An example of one such opportunity is our Lessons for Life monthly web series in which our employees can learn from expert opinions on a variety of mental health and well-being related subjects. Topics in 2023 included grief and hope in the COVID-19 pandemic as well as maintenance of healthy boundaries in the workplace.


Halliburton takes thoughtful action to cultivate a globally diverse talent pipeline that represents the communities where we operate. This begins with our investment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and oil and gas programs at schools and universities.

When it comes time to hire early career talent, we rely on consistent relationships with colleges, universities, and other organizations that give more visibility to opportunities that are available at Halliburton. We utilize initiatives such as internship programs at colleges and universities with underrepresented populations to build connections among diverse communities, potential hires, and Halliburton, and to eventually hire full-time employees who represent the communities in which we work and live.

Our build-from-within approach to recruitment and training helps us develop early career talent into future leaders. We augment this approach with targeted recruitment efforts for senior-level positions that help introduce specific expertise and emergent skillsets to Halliburton.


Our Global Talent Acquisition team conducts candidate outreach in a variety of ways that include virtual career fairs, apprenticeship programs, relationship building efforts at universities, employee referrals, and partnerships with local job candidate programs. Halliburton's outreach includes our efforts to build interest in STEM and oil and gas careers among students, a strategy that also supports local workforce development in the areas where we operate. One example of our STEM-focused outreach in Latin America is our recruitment efforts with the Development Excellence Engineer Program (DEEP). Read more about DEEP in the Local Workforce Development section of this page.

Talent acquisition

In 2023, Halliburton hired 8,714 new employees. Of our total hires to STEM roles, 28% were female, a number that is higher than it was in 2022 and represents our highest number of female hires to STEM roles at Halliburton since 2010. This number compares favorably to the National Association of Colleges and Employers female graduation rates in the degrees we target in our search for new hires. Promoting female representation in these roles is a key focus at Halliburton, as our STEM roles tend to lead to operational leadership positions. Female representation also continues to be a strong feature of Halliburton's U.S. internship programs. The number of female interns at our U.S.-based locations increased from 53 in 2022 to 73 in 2023.

Rate of new female hires in STEM roles graph

Local workforce development

Halliburton invests in local workforce development with the aim of a positive impact on communities where we work. One way we do this is by regularly hiring local talent for open positions. We have made significant progress in recent years. As of 2023, 91% of our workforce and 85% of managers are local to the countries where they work.

As Halliburton strengthens investments in local workforces, we increase our ability to participate in improvements to local economies. Through job creation, skill advancement, and career development, we help enhance local quality of life for employees and their families and strengthen our ability to cultivate a workforce that represents local populations.

Development Excellence Engineer Program

Halliburton's Development Excellence Engineer Program is a college graduate recruitment initiative we deploy in Latin America. DEEP began in 2012 in Brazil and has since expanded to multiple countries in Latin America. In 2023, we standardized DEEP's requirements and structure in countries where it is implemented.

Eligible candidates include STEM students in their last semester of undergraduate study and/or individuals who are within 18 months of graduation from a STEM degree. Participants engage in a four-month development program and rotate between two product service lines at Halliburton. Since 2015, over 750 "DEEPers" have completed the program, of which 387 have been hired full-time. In addition, female representation has been consistently high. On average, about 43% of DEEP participants are female.

DEEP has played an important role in increasing the number of STEM hires in Latin America. DEEP has also proven to be a successful avenue of entry for career longevity as 70% of DEEP participants hired full-time since 2015 are still working at Halliburton.

Investment in the future

As Halliburton builds a sustainable pipeline of future talent, we draw talent to our workforce through mentorship programs, charitable giving, and inclusive hiring practices.

Girls Techno Summer Camp

Halliburton and Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) collaborated to host the Girls Techno Summer Camp, a three-day residential summer camp for high school-aged girls who are interested in engineering careers. The camp aimed to teach attendees technical skills, build their confidence, and inspire them to become engineers and leaders who will make a difference. Students about to enter their junior and senior year of high school were eligible to attend. They learned about design thinking, computer programming, data science, artificial intelligence, and robotics. We supported this program with a tour of our headquarters that included our manufacturing and R&D facilities and by hosting a Q&A session after the tour. 

STEM Saturdays and Academic Mentoring Matters

In 2023, we worked with the University of Louisiana Lafayette Foundation to host STEM Saturdays and an Academic Mentoring Matters (AMM) training event for local students.

STEM Saturdays are offered once a month at the Lafayette Science Museum. Halliburton began to sponsor STEM Saturdays in 2022 and we continued our support in 2023. Thus far, this event series has impacted 2,200 students in the College of Sciences.

We fund an AMM leadership training event every year to equip volunteer student mentors to be leaders among their peers. Student mentors have a significant impact on their campus communities. Our AMM leadership training event helps prepare students who have elected to serve their community in this way.


Sustainability means serving our customers, employees, stakeholders, and communities in an environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible way.



Good corporate governance builds trust with our shareholders, customers, and employees.



Globally, oil and gas continue to be critical sources of energy. The pursuit of a lower carbon future must account for their place in the global energy mix.