Being an employee at Halliburton means being on a team where people care for each other. We provide our workforce with a safe, inclusive work environment, rich career development opportunities, and competitive benefits.

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Enhancements to Benefits

Our Global Benefits

We strive to offer meaningful global benefits programs that align with Halliburton’s talent acquisition and retention strategies. Our programs are comprehensive, market competitive, and globally sustainable. We design them to be fluid and creative, which gives us flexibility to address evolving business matters. It also helps us support collaboration with our partners and key stakeholders as we maximize value for our employees and their families.

Halliburton's competitive benefits package is designed to address the diverse needs of our workforce and their families. These include programs and services that range from comprehensive medical coverage, retirement plans, and income protection while on disability to paid time off, emergency childcare, and third-party discounts. For our workforce, we added a Global Business Travel Accident program that offers an added layer of support for all employees globally, including contractors, who conduct business travel on Halliburton's behalf.

In 2022, we improved the healthcare experience and expenditure planning for U.S. employees and eligible family members with the following benefits enhancements:

  • Refreshed medical plans that provide more meaningful choices, including low- or no-cost plans for lower paid employees
  • A surrogacy allowance that provides our employees with increased support for growing their families
  • A legal plan that offers full coverage for attorney fees and no out-of-pocket cost for common personal legal needs, including money matters, home and real estate, estate planning, family and personal matters, civil lawsuits, and elder-care issues
  • Pharmacy advocacy programs that educate employees on lower cost alternatives to their medications and provide added support for individuals with diabetes

Continued Prioritization of Mental Health

Halliburton recognizes that our employees are fielding a significant increase in stressors in recent years. Halliburton’s global expansion of the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) programs further demonstrates that support for mental health is a priority.

In 2022, Halliburton continued expansion of EAP and now all Halliburton employees and their families around the globe have access to EAP and best-in-class mental health support services in their local markets.

Mental Health Education and Awareness

The Halliburton Global EAP team expanded training and education among employees and management in 2022. For example, the Lessons for Life monthly web series, which features expert opinions on a variety of mental health and well-being related subjects is now available globally. Training topics included boosting your mental health in 2022, neuroscience of stress, and happiness hierarchy.

The Company also supported local educational sessions worldwide, with topics chosen based on geography-specific employee demand. These sessions were hosted in the U.S., Middle East, Malaysia, and Latin America. Country-specific topics included emotional intelligence, presentation anxiety, back-to-school tips for parents, stress and workplace exercise, stress and migraine, mindfulness, eating for good immunity, early diagnosis of depression, adult mental health, sleep health awareness, and brain health. In Latin America, the Company executed a comprehensive mental health awareness campaign during the rollout of their regional EAP program.

In addition, Halliburton UK hosts regular learning sessions for managers that focus on mental health and stress awareness. In 2022, the topics these sessions covered included sleep issues, promoting positive well-being, and the power of food.

2022 Mental Health Awareness Campaigns

Halliburton's 2022 mental health Digital Awareness Campaigns covered a variety of topics, and were distributed in multiple contexts and locales. Worldwide, Halliburton distributed quarterly regional EAP newsletters to raise global awareness of, and engagement with, mental health. The Company also hosted global campaigns for Mental Health Awareness Month, World Sleep Day, and World Mental Health Day in which messaging designed to raise mental health awareness was delivered to all Halliburton employees. The Company also incorporated Mental Health-themed safety topics in our regular meetings to further emphasize the importance of caring for one's mental health.

Regional Digital Awareness Campaigns included a well-being-focused campaign in the UK in December and a comprehensive digital communications campaign in Canada that promoted awareness of a variety of topics, including Mental Illness Awareness Week (October) and Let’s Talk Day (January).


Commitment, collaboration, humility, and a focus on exceptional execution are foundational to Halliburton's workplace culture. Our workplace is one in which people feel like they belong, and their contributions are valued — and which helps us outperform in all business cycles.

The Company's transparent approach to pay and career progression provides employees with high visibility of career paths, required competencies, and the pay associated with advancement. Job descriptions and salary bands are published and available for all employees to review, as are pay structures for a majority of the countries where we operate. Paired with our industry-recognized competency program, these transparent practices help employees understand advancement and confidently own their careers.

Halliburton hired 10,513 new employees in 2022, a significantly higher number than the previous year in spite of a tight labor market. Our Global Talent Acquisition team reached candidates through a variety of recruitment avenues, including relationship building at universities, virtual career fairs, apprenticeship programs, employee referrals, and partnerships with local governments in their job candidate programs.

In addition, 3,004 employees rejoined Halliburton in 2022, a data point we regard as strong evidence of the positivity and effectiveness of our workplace culture. Whether they were impacted by a down-cycle or pursued other opportunities before returning, we are glad the Halliburton culture brought them back. As former employees, they were able to rely on their prior experience at the Company to quickly re-acclimate and add value to their teams.

Halliburton prioritizes diversity in recruitment and seeks to cultivate a more diverse talent pipeline for entry-level roles. We have established internship recruiting programs at academic institutions, and have developed relationships with multiple student organizations dedicated to promoting diversity. We also provide professional development sessions for students, engage our employee resource groups in select university events, and conduct outreach through programs supported by our Educational Advisory Board. In 2022, the Company established several new internship programs in the eastern hemisphere, and expanded Development Excellence Engineer Program (DEEP), our internship program in Latin America, to include Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. 

Halliburton's well-established internship programs in the U.S. continue to see strong female representation. Female interns increased from 43% in 2021 to 52% in 2022.


Sustainability means serving our customers, employees, stakeholders, and communities in an environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible way.



Good corporate governance plays a vital role in building trust with our shareholders, customers, and employees.                                                                                                           



Providing customers with safe, reliable, and efficient products and services is the core of our business.