Halliburton board of directors

In addition to Halliburton's Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, Halliburton's Board of Directors Corporate Governance Guidelines provide governance structure for our business. The Board reviews these guidelines on an annual basis.

Deep experience

Halliburton's Board of Directors oversees our long-term strategy. Its Directors bring deep and diverse experience to their roles from a variety of industries that include energy, finance, science, technology, legal, human resources (HR), and health, safety, and environment. The Board includes current and former chief executive officers of public and private companies and a former university president. The Directors' diverse professional backgrounds include academia, science, publicly and privately held businesses, government, startup entrepreneurship, and governance.

Halliburton board of directors

Sustainability oversight

The Halliburton Board's Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee provides general oversight for sustainability. Other Board committees assist with sustainability oversight as shown in their respective charters.

Executive compensation

Halliburton's executive compensation program focuses on incentivizing performance, maximizing returns, and building shareholder value. It is integrated with our overall business strategy and management processes, and is performance-based, at-risk, and long-term. Our long-term incentive plan includes relative performance measures, and our annual incentive plan combines financial and non-financial strategic metrics. For additional information, visit our 2024 Proxy Statement.

Halliburton's commitment to shareholder input resulted in numerous, substantive changes to the structure and governance of our executive compensation program in the last few years. Most recently, we implemented a payout cap in our long-term incentive plan for negative Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) performance and increased the target performance level for relative ROCE. These changes directly reflect feedback we received from our shareholders and further strengthened the program's design through alignment of pay opportunities, business performance, and pay outcomes, and demonstrated our commitment to put forth a market-competitive program that produces the results our investors expect.


Sustainability means serving our customers, employees, stakeholders, and communities in an environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible way.



Globally, oil and gas continue to be critical sources of energy. The pursuit of a lower carbon future must account for their place in the global energy mix.



Our goal is to educate and inspire the next generation of Halliburton talent – because our people are at the heart of everything we do.