StressCheck™ casing design software takes the trial and error out of designing casing, liner, and tubing strings.

The software features graphical design tools and algorithms that automatically generate minimum-cost solutions that minimize the cost of well tubulars. Casing, liner, and tubing strings are significant safety and cost components of well construction operations, so their safe and cost-effective designs are essential.

StressCheck Modules

Minimum cost design

StressCheck casing design software enables quick, systematic, and accurate valuation of casing wear limits and can automatically create the minimum cost design. It provides comprehensive tri-axial and working-stress design for burst, collapse, axial installation, and service-life loads to maximize the use of the most cost-effective casing for each situation.

Review information with ease

The software provides a design summary of minimum burst, collapse, axial, and tri-axial safety factors for each string as well as for the full tubular program. View standard or user-configured reports or display results on customized tabs and in multi-page spreadsheets and plots to easily view the information that is important.

Share results

Access results and analyses for further drilling, casing, or costing analysis. For example, simplify analysis by sharing fluid densities, cementing, landing data, and applicable design parameters with WELLCAT™ casing design software. Results and analyses are stored in Halliburton Landmark’s Engineer's Data Model™ (EDM™) database and available across our suite of drilling applications.

Design Safe and Cost-Effective Casings for Every Situation.

Design Safe and Cost-Effective Casings for Every Situation.

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