Deep Water

Specific Challenge

Suspend the well until upper completion equipment could be provided

REGION - Brazil REGION - Brazil

Santos, Brazil

REGION - Brazil


  • Deliver a reliable retrievable API11D1 V0 bridge plug to suspend the well until upper completion equipment could be provided to the customer


  • Intercept retrievable bridge plug, with API 11D1, V0 grade rating


  • Successful set and retrieval of Intercept RPB, delivering reliable barrier for a temporary downhole suspension


An operator with a deepwater well in Latin America was experiencing delays on their upper completion deliveries from a competitor. The operator turned to Halliburton Completion Tools to provide a customized, retrievable solution for its well suspension above the lower completion.


As part of Brazilian pre-salt, located about 230 kilometers (3,280 feet) from the Rio de Janeiro coast, this deepwater well required a reliable and API 11D1 V0-qualified bridge plug to perform a safe suspension of its 5,583 meter extension. After realizing that the planned upper completion equipment would not be available on time, this major operator requested Halliburton provide a safe barrier for a temporary abandonment. 

This would mark the first deployment of the Intercept retrievable bridge plug in Latin America.


The Halliburton 10 ¾-in. Intercept RBP was an ideal fit for this challenge, which required an API11D1 V0 retrievable bridge plug qualified to 7,500 psi (517 bar) with no hang weight requirement. 

The Intercept RBP was successfully set at 2630 meters, 400 meters below the wellhead, by a Halliburton Completion Tools Service Specialist, and was tested to 5,500 PSI without issue.


meters, the Intercept RBP was successfully set


meters below wellhead


psi tested without issues


With the Intercept RBP providing mechanical isolation, well operations were suspended for 10 weeks. Once operations recommenced, a BOP test was successfully performed with 5,500 psi followed by unsetting the Intercept RBP and retrieving to surface without any issues. Once at the rotary table, the Halliburton Service Specialists were able to confirm the good condition of the equipment, which displayed no element or slip damage. 

The Intercept RBP delivered a safe, temporary barrier for the well suspension and enabled the operator to move the rig to another well intervention. This provided them with a cost-effective solution for non-productive rig time, while waiting for the upper completion equipment.

Intercept Retrievable Bridge Plug
Intercept Retrievable Bridge Plug

Retrievable Bridge Plugs

Gas-tight, well-suspension without the hang-weight requirement

Halliburton Intercept retrievable bridge plug (RBP) is a gas-tight, well-suspension plug ideal for dual-barrier applications, and is designed to handle a wide range of well conditions. 

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