Get superior reliability with the XR Reamer

The XR Reamer™ has an industry-leading expansion ratio with the ability to enlarge the wellbore up to 1.5 times the pilot hole diameter, providing concentric and simultaneous hole enlargement with on-demand activation/deactivation systems where tool reliability, durability, and hole quality of the enlarged hole is important. The XR Reamer can be deactivated after enlarging the original pilot hole size so that drilling can continue. The tool also allows full flow circulation while tripping out. The XR Reamer minimizes bottomhole assembly (BHA) vibration, micro-doglegs at formation transition interfaces, and the tendency to initiate whirl.

See how reliable hole enlargement is possible

Halliburton’s innovative technology solves hole enlargement challenges

See how reliable hole enlargement is possible


  • Large expansion ratio (up to 1.5 times body diameter)
  • Low flow rate required to maintain arms open
  • Reliable activation/deactivation system
  • Self-stabilized tool

The industry’s leading hole enlargement tool 

The XR Reamer hole enlargement tool is proven in high-angle and extended-reach applications minimizing downhole vibrations. This means reliable performance in the most challenging environments. 


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