Removing a side outlet valve safely and efficiently

It may be necessary to isolate a leaking gate valve from annulus or tubing pressure, allowing the valve to be removed or replaced safely. This is accomplished by installing a valve removal plug using the Valve Removal (VR) hydraulic lubricator. 

The VR hydraulic lubricator design relies on the balance of pressure above and below the piston of the polish rod to control the extension and retraction of the tool as well as the force applied to the VR plug’s motion.  ​

Valve removal
Valve removal

Typical VR plug applications include:​

  • Testing of wellhead SOV​
  • Providing a mechanical barrier to facilitate SOV or component replacement​
  • Utilized as a second barrier if a single SOV or bull plug is utilized on a wellhead

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Back pressure valve lubricator

Back pressure valve lubricator

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