Tackle extreme well conditions 

Thermatek Service helps meet the challenges of severe lost circulation, near wellbore water shutoffs and plugging operations. Thermatek is a temperature-activated, rigid setting fluid with a controlled right angle set capable of quickly developing high compressive strength.

Unique capabilities for demanding environments

Thermatek service key features:

  • Predictable and controllable right-angle set
  • Zero shrinkage helps provide gas-tight seal
  • Zero static gel helps achieve zero gas migration
  • Rapid build of compressive strength up to 11,000 psi
  • Easy to remove by drilling, milling, or acid
  • 100% acid soluble with 99% regained permeability
  • Used safely in producing formations with virtually no invasion damage
  • Tolerates up to 50% contamination
  • 4-5 micron median particle size
  • Easily mixed and pumped with conventional equipment and techniques

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