Unlock subsea well and pipeline treatments

Halliburton coiled tubing (CT) downline services offer an agile alternative to rig-based operations for subsea and deepwater environments. Spanning a broad portfolio of applications, ranging from stimulations to subsea flowline cleanouts, CT downlines can provide significant savings in both cost and operational time. 

Fast response and highly versatile deployment

CT downline solutions can deploy in water depths of up to 10,000 ft. Deploying at this depth allows stimulation, injection, or flushing operations to be carried out at pressures of up to 15,000 psi with rates over 10 BPM – all while monitoring and recording job data in real time. 

Coiled Tubing Downtime

Other benefits include:

  • The system may be configured to incorporate either a single or dual downline package
  • Compact footprint that can be accommodated on a wide range of offshore support vessels
  • Vessel based package enables enhanced mobility for rapid response
  • Real-time data monitoring (pressure, weight, and depth)
  • Real-time high cycle and low cycle fatigue tracking

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