Extended-length power section for higher torque and increased power

The StrataForce™ motor from Halliburton delivers increased power and torque for optimum drilling performance. The motor features extended-length conventional power sections and employs state-of-the-art highly-resilient elastomers that are capable of holding higher differential pressure for tough drilling applications. 


Increased power

The StrataForce motor's highly-resilient elastomers enhance performance by reducing heat generation and by holding higher differential pressure, up to 225 psi/stage. The elastomers are engineered to improve fluid resistance, which can reduce failures associated with chemical-induced swelling.


  • Extended-length power sections featuring state-of-the-art highly resilient elastomers
  • More effective rotor-to-stator seal for more efficient power production
  • Delivers 50 percent more torque per unit length
  • Provides higher differential pressure capability
  • Delivers more consistent RPM and torque applied to the bit, increasing ROP and bit life
  • Operates in high temperature environments (320°F/160°C)
  • Improves reliability and performance in harsh environments
  • Improves hole quality, performance, and steerability; reduces vibration; and increases bit life when run in FullDrift® configuration
  • Reduces failures associated with chemical-induced swelling

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