New levels of precision and cost-effectiveness to acidizing

STIM2001™ is a matrix acid stimulation design and analysis software. It can evaluate the reasons for lost production in one well or a series of wells, and then rank the wells studied according to the best value for each stimulation dollar spent. Obtaining optimum results from any of the various formulations and procedures depends on a thorough understanding of formation mineralogy. 

Solutions at your fingertips 

STIM2001 matrix simulator is a solutions-oriented software package that can effectively guide matrix stimulation treatment selection. With a thorough understanding of formation mineralogy, formation fluids, and petrophysical properties, the system can optimize the stimulation treatment to help increase hydrocarbon production. 

Did you know

You can also have access to STIM2001 to design your well treatments

Available as a web based application, STIM2001 matrix stimulation software helps you select best well candidates and design the optimum treatment to increase well performance.  

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Modeling Advisors

  • Inflow calculator for computing the ideal production rate for an undamaged or stimulated well
  • Damage advisor for determination of damage mechanisms
  • Treatment advisor to help select appropriate acid systems and additives
  • Diversion advisor to indicate the most appropriate diversion techniques based upon the specific well characteristics
  • Scale advisor to predict scaling tendencies from water analysis and select appropriate solvent systems and additives
Placement Stimulation results

Additional Capabilities

  • Candidate Selection through skin analysis of individual wells, groups of wells, or multiple zones within a well
  • Fluid Placement Simulator which models placement of the reactive fluids and effectiveness of various diversion techniques in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells
  • Formation specific matrix acidizing calculations
  • Treatment simulation including injection rates, pressures and skin evolution
  • The ability to import job and match post-treatment data
  • Report generating capabilities
  • Extensive database capabilities for storing well information, designs, simulations, and post-job analyses

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