Halliburton SPECTRUM® inflatable isolation tool

We designed the SPECTRUM e-IP electric inflatable packer is an isolation tool to run with the SPECTRUM  service suite. The flexible, modular design enables multipurpose bottomhole assembly (BHA) configurations depending on your chemical treatment needs. It can be adjusted for various straddle lengths and has interchangeable elements, so it can be run as a dual-element straddle packer or single-element squeeze packer. With a high level of flexibility, the SPECTRUM e-IP and the entire SPECTRUM suite can be customized for treatment plans to best suit your needs.



Customizable and flexible 

The SPECTRUM e-IP packer actuation system enables independent control of the flow path position throughout an operation. This allows you to easily select different modes – inflation, testing, circulation, and squeeze – to accommodate your customized treatment design.


  • Capable of flow through to the end of tool during RIH to remove debris
  • Ability to circulate above, straddle, or squeeze into straddled interval
  • Compatible with sealant chemicals, without compromising tool functionality
  • Treats multiple intervals in a single run
  • Runs in conjunction with SPECTRUM FUSION services and SPECTRUM 360 camera

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