Curing severe and total losses to achieve zonal isolation

We specially designed the SentinelCem cement system to cure losses and enable further drilling to help achieve zonal isolation by accomplishing intended top of the cement. The solution is applicable for any type of loss and is very effective for severe to total losses where particulate materials alone are ineffective.

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Rapid gel and compressive strength helps plug thief zones

SentinelCem cement achieves a 10-second gel strength of 42 lbf/100ft2 and a 10-minute gel strength of 105 lbf/100ft2, reaching compressive strength of approximately 50 psi in 4 hours. 

Low viscosity aids in full-coverage placement while pumping

SentinelCem cement achieves a gel state and then regains fluidity for circulation when shear is applied. When the shear rate is high, the viscosity is low and the slurry flows easily for placement. When the shear rate is reduced, the slurry thickens and gels, resisting slurry flow back, fall back, or formation influx. 

SentinelCem Cement

Treats total losses and minimizes drilling costs.

SentinelCem Cement

Successful applications


Reduction of losses

250° F

Max temperature performance


Pumpability through BHA

Optimized rheology and mechanical properties to cure losses 

The SentinelCem cement system contains selected components that impart the needed rheological and mechanical properties to help cure losses. SentinelCem cement can be made acid soluble and hence can be used across producing zones. Easy to mix, SentinelCem has a low viscosity to aid in full-coverage placement while pumping and develops early static gel strength and compressive strength. These properties help in curing losses when the slurry enters the fractures and small or medium vugs. 


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