Concentric coiled tubing clean-out for the most challenging scenarios

SandKleen® Service utilizes a specialized cleaning BHA deployed on concentric coiled tubing (CCT) to effectively remove sand or other particulate debris from wellbores with very low bottom-hole pressure, very large diameters, severe leak-off, or other issues that may prevent a standard clean-out operation. 

The service is also an alternative to large volumes of nitrogen for scenarios where a foamed cleaning operation is normally planned.

One tool, multiple uses 

SandKleen services features both a jetting and a vacuum mode and the ability to toggle between the two modes on the fly by cycling flow rate through the BHA.

The jetting mode features powerful forward jets capable of blasting through debris and sand bridges in the wellbore. The vacuum mode utilizes the venturi effect to provide a drawdown through the tool to pull the fluidized debris into the return flow with an intake screen to prevent larger particles from creating blockages.


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