Innovative technology for fluid loss control

LO-Gard Service helps control fluid loss in perforating or gravel pack completions and in horizontal gravel pack applications where fluid loss through the filter cake could cause problems with placing the gravel.

Operator benefits during openhole completions

This solids-free, low-viscosity, lost-circulation control system provides important advantages:
  • Decreases formation permeability to aqueous fluids thus limiting leakoff into the following:
    • High permeability streaks
    • Leaky, thinned, or eroded drill-in fluid wall cake
    • Breeched or fractured wall cake - natural or hydraulic fracture networks
  • Results in no significant permeability loss to oil or gas, > 95% retention is typical with 100 md core material
  • Applicable over a broad range of temperatures and permeabilities
  • Effective in both sandstone and carbonate lithology

Diverse Applications

LO-Gard service can also be used in almost any situation where lost circulation occurs including: 

  • Coiled tubing cleanouts
  • Workover operations
  • Post tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) fluid loss control
  • Post gravel pack fluid loss control


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