Stop fluid losses in the most extreme scenarios

Lost fluid is costly to replace and almost always causes some degree of permanent formation damage. K-Max-Plus Fluid Loss Control is a non-damaging crosslinked gel to stop losses, easy to break with internal or external breakers.

Unique reversible crosslinking technology to take control of your wells

K-Max-Plus offers these key features:
  • The unique chemistry that features completely reversible crosslinking
  • Rapid gel fluid removal by diffusion breaker mechanism
  • Complete freedom from the micro-fisheyes that are sometimes associated with HEC polymers and biopolymers
  • It’s a completely solids free system
  • A wide range of pill densities up to 13.8 lb/gal
  • A broad and diverse range of applications
  • Faster preparation of job-ready protection pills
  • Extended stability to temperatures up to 300°F
  • Greater gel strength to cope with higher differential pressures

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