Safety, control and reliability 

SafeGrip® introduces engineering control to the movement of the pipe under pressure. The Halliburton designed and patented system provides unparalleled safety by continuously engaging two sets of slips on the pipe to prevent uncontrolled pipe movements during the operation. 

Designed for fail-safe control, SafeGrip® is a fully hydraulic logic system with no electrical components to help assure maximum reliability and service life. The SafeGrip® system can be incorporated into any of the units in our fleet for unrivaled confidence in the safety of snubbing operations.

How the SafeGrip® system works

Snubbing units are typically equipped with 4 slip bowls per unit – a pair of traveling slip bowls and a pair of stationary slips. Each pair of slips has one (heavy) bowl to handle pipe heavy and one (snubbing) bowl to handle pipe light. These units are equipped with one SafeGrip® system. 


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