Effectively seal natural fractures and fissures

Built on an organically crosslinked sealant, Foam2Zero Conformance control service is a field-proven polymer system for controlling unwanted water and gas production. 

Halliburton is adding a unique property to this system by producing a high-quality, stable foamed solution that can effectively seal natural fractures and fissures for water and/or gas shutoff applications. 

Reliable fracture isolation

Operator benefits:

  • Optimized placement in naturally fractured or fissured carbonate reservoirs by staying mainly in the fractures with minimum penetration into the matrix of the rock, due to its fluid loss control properties
  • It improves the ability to fill fractures and displace reservoir fluids
  • Easily mixed and pumped

  • It reduces hydrostatic pressure (density can be lowered down to ~2.4 ppg) during deployment, allowing improved placement in depleted formations
  • It provides diverting fluid properties for optimum coverage when targeting long intervals
  • Resistant to H2S, CO2, and acid environments

Foam2Zero conformance control service
Foam2Zero conformance control service

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