Improve sweeping efficiency from injection wells

Halliburton water swelling polymer is a “bullhead” type treatment designed for shut-off of fractured or highly vugular zones in injection wells. CrystalSeal Service treats the injection wells rather than producing wells, providing a farther-reaching effect with substantially no risk of damage to the producers.

Easy deployment for immediate impact

CrystalSeal offers the following advantages:

  • Improves the sweep efficiency of injection systems, e.g., water flooding and water-alternating-gas (WAG) flooding
  • Takes effect in only a matter of hours; does not require specialized mixing equipment, and can be added on the fly
  • Resists carbon dioxide (CO2) contamination, acid contamination, and/or hydrogen sulfide (H2S) environments
  • Withstands the influx of water and helps prevent dilution of cement or other remediation products
  • Contains no heavy metal; is nontoxic and environmentally acceptable
  • Can be removed with oxidizers or bleaching compounds

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