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When working offshore, especially on small platforms, deck space and crane capacity can be a major challenge. Catenary coiled tubing (CT) services enable economical and versatile well interventions to maximize the production of offshore assets. 

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Catenary operations allow the bulk of intervention equipment to be operated from a barge or dynamically positioned support vessel, with only a small portion of the service equipment staged on the rig or platform floor. 

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Catenary Equipment

Halliburton catenary CT operations incorporate specialized equipment to ensure full control in any situation:

  • The catenary control panel provides a quick release interface for hydraulic hoses and air hoses between the platform and vessel
  • The CT catenary head works as both a depth counter as well as a coiled tubing cutter positioned on the support vessel
  • A high-pressure hose disconnect system enables a quick release of co-flex hoses from the vessel in case of emergency

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