Optimize productivity with clean, consistent results 

The Baroid N-FLOW™ system provides optimal filter cake and formation damage removal. N-FLOW is a soluble filter cake clean up system that offers slow release of organic acids leading to enhanced production and decreased HSE risk. It helps maximize reservoir performance, minimize formation damage, and reduces well construction costs. 

Achieve high performance in different applications 

N-FLOW breaker systems are used to enhance production in a variety of applications, such as deepwater and mature land assets. N-FLOW breakers also work to dissolve filter cake from water-based and oil-based reservoir drilling fluids; in horizontal or vertical wells; and in formations that may destabilize on contact with strong mineral acid. 

Minimize health, safety, and environmental risks 

Compared to competitive breaker systems involving live acids, the N-FLOW system carries much less HSE risk. The system does not require special acid resistant tanks, pumps, and other equipment, and can be safer for rig personnel than conventional mineral acid breakers. Plus, N-FLOW carries minimal corrosion risk and all components are environmentally acceptable. N-FLOW delivers the fluid performance you can expect with the safety and value you need.