Engineered and tailored solutions

At times, operations require the need to isolate the blowout preventer stack or production tree from pressure in the tubing with a mechanical barrier envelope.

The back pressure valve lubricator is designed to efficiently set or remove valves and plugs in the tubing hanger. Our hydraulic units provide the force needed to retrieve stuck plugs in the production tree and wellhead system. This provides a tailored, rigless solution to remediate stuck components.

Hydraulic back pressure valve lubricator is a versatile tool

Typical applications of the HBPVL include:​

  • Applied engineered solutions​
  • Installing and removal of back pressure valves and two-way check valves under pressure through standard production trees​
  • The stroke allows setting valves and plugs in the tubing hanger through extended-height rig-ups found in some frac operations
  • The polished rod and hydraulic system have been designed to allow for extremely high torque and tension to be applied to retrieve components in the wellhead system
  • A unique design that is compatible with many specialized retrieval tool options to retrieve an array of stuck components from the tubing hangers and production trees

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