Place wells accurately, the first time

The Aurora™ surface-access magnetic ranging service acquires active ranging measurements and locates wells with accuracy and precision.

Maximize your steam-assisted gravity drainage applications 

We specially designed the Aurora surface-access magnetic ranging service for steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) applications, using surface excitation to determine ranging distance and direction. It connects the target wellbore through the wellhead, eliminating the need for downhole wireline conveyance systems. This saves time, money and provides a safer drilling environment. 


  • Remove logistics challenges by obtaining downhole access to wellbores
  • Reduce wireline costs by removing the need to convey a magnetic source downhole
  • Eliminate equipment and personnel from surface operations, reducing health, safety, and environmental risks and surface infrastructure costs
  • Increase production and returns by placing more wells per pad
  • Maximize reservoir recovery through accurate well placement



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