Optimize Phase Separation Processing 

Halliburton’s professionals help implement faster, more complete phase separation processing—even if a mechanical separator is being used—through the application of specialized chemical solutions, such as emulsion breakers, water clarification and defoamer products.

We understand the production dynamics that can cause oil, gas and water phases to blend together, and how natural surfactants in the oil (or other chemical treatments) can cause emulsions of oil and water to form, making separation difficult. Let’s tackle it together.

Emulsion Breakers

Halliburton offers emulsion breakers for both water-in-oil (regular) and oil-in-water (reverse) emulsions, helping you improve oil-water separations while increasing your oil and gas production rates.


  • Well-defined oil and water interface greatly improves vessel efficiency
  • Better process control and throughput
  • Less “slop oil” reprocessing and disposal
  • Smaller or fewer separation units
  • Assist in cold separation, reducing fuel consumption
  • Reduces high viscosity of emulsions caused by interfacial stiffness
  • Used downhole, reduces pressure and wear on pumps while increasing production rates.

Water Clarifiers

Halliburton’s water clarifiers, filtration aids, and chelates are designed to work under various production conditions, allowing customers to safely and effectively clear oil and gas production water.


  • Improves control of separation vessels
  • Meets discharge requirements for produced water
  • Improves injectivity of produced water
  • Recovers more sellable oil from produced fluids
  • Leaves clear water with minimal suspended oil or solids


Halliburton provides customized foamer solutions and applications that can be used in a wide variety of operating conditions, such as deepwater production, winterized environments for colder climates and high-temperature products that are stable for deep, hot gas wells.


  • Maximize production capabilities and reduce downtime
  • Extend the useful life of current well equipment
  • Reduce corrosion in the well by removing water
  • Cost-effective alternative to mechanical equipment
  • Minimal capital investment required to get program in place

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