Halliburton Global Supplier Informational Portal (iPortal)

At Halliburton, we are proud of the strong, collaborative relationships we have built with our suppliers and we are continuously looking for new solutions that provide us with better ways to communicate and partner with you.

Halliburton Global Supplier Information Portal (iPortal) is a portal for invoice, payment and dynamic discounting management solutions. The iPortal provides 24/7 visibility into invoice and payment status, e-invoicing capabilities, comprehensive supplier self-services and the ability to accept early payment offers – entirely free of charge.

Benefits of iPortal for Suppliers: 

  • 100% FREE to suppliers
  • 24/7 status of purchase orders
  • 24/7 status of invoices
  • 24/7 status of payments
  • Robust global messaging system with Halliburton
  • Create both PO and non-PO invoices
  • Easily submit invoices by upload (CSV or XLS)
  • Many self-servicing options (i.e., change contacts, address, bank details, etc.)
  • Compliant with local regulations for all supported countries
     For additional information, such as how to register for the iPortal, please refer to our "Supplier Guide ".
Supplier Guide

Supplier Guide

The Halliburton Supplier Guide offers information for current suppliers on buying channels and e-commerce solutions.