Integrated suite of high-resolution modeling tools for CO2 storage exploration, monitoring and prediction.

The software addresses key aspects of CO2 storage workflows: formation storage prospecting, capacity estimation, well injectivity, formation pressurization, plume trapping, and dissolved CO2 dispersal.

CO2 Migration

A CO2-adapted invasion percolation simulator for free-phase plume modeling. CO2 Migration is built on the state-of-the-art Permedia Migration simulator to provide extremely high-resolution models of gravity-segregated plume distributions in heterogeneous reservoir settings.


CO2 BOS is a fast, multi-threaded black oil simulator, developed to specifically handle CO2 storage and solubility. Custom tuned to run CO2 injection out-of-the-box, CO2 BOS features built-in CO2 injection scheduling, PVT, and solubility handling.

CO2 Flow

CO2 Flow is a high-resolution hydrodynamic solver for modeling CO2 storage related pressure changes. With a well modeling scheme that handles CO2 injection rates and injection interval pressures, CO2 Flow offers a high-resolution regional simulation for testing the boundary conditions of high-resolution heterogeneous meshes for regional pressure models.

CO2 Dashboard

CO2 Dashboard is a CO2 -specific equation-of-state and PVT wizard for initializing simulations. Use CO2 Dashboard to initialize model conditions: gas and brine phase density, compressibility, viscosity, solubility and interfacial tension.



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