Halliburton Baroid High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluids maximize performance in deepwater, unconventional, and mature fields.


Improve drilling performance, reduce the risk of NPT from ECD and hole cleaning issues, and increase access to reservoirs previously unattainable due to technical or financial constraints

Award-Winning NAF
Award-Winning NAF

High-Powered Fluid

BaraECD: Versatile Application, Powerful Results

BaraECD high-performance NAF system was designed to provide low controlled ECD in narrow margin applications, while providing necessary hole cleaning and resistance to barite sag. BaraECD offers advanced fluid technology for the most technically challenging wells.


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Engineered to take on the most complex drilling

BaraECD is ideal for low pressure formations (including depleted zones), high angle drilling, highly deviated formations or slim wellbores. The unique chemistry of BaraECD fluid provides a low fluid viscosity to minimize ECD, and excellent suspension properties to effectively clean the wellbore and avoid sag. 

BaraECD provides assurance that once the reservoir has been reached, production will not be compromised. 

With Baroid’s technical expertise, BaraECD can be engineered to drill, protect, and preserve the most valuable part of a well: the reservoir. BaraECD demonstrates extremely low fluid loss values, which help to minimize foreign particle invasion into the wellbore, reducing formation damage and facilitating flowback through the lower completion.