With 130 nationalities represented in our workforce and operations in more than 70 countries, we are among the world’s most diverse companies. As a result, we take deliberate steps to foster a culture of respect and inclusion, supported by our COBC and employment practices. For more extensive background information on our diversity initiatives, please visit the Halliburton Code of Business Conduct.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sustainability Commitment

Provide a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment that upholds our core values of collaboration and respect, and provides all employees opportunities for growth and development.

2021 Highlights

Minority and Female Representation

Increased diversity is an ongoing priority at Halliburton — and we made strides in advancing our Company’s diversity in 2021. In the U.S., the percentage of minorities in management positions improved 13% year over year. Female representation in leadership roles has improved 8% year over year. In addition, 19% of new hires in STEM roles were female. These types of roles feed into higher leadership positions within the Company, and we are pleased to report improving diversity.

Listen and Respond

As part of our commitment to inclusivity, Halliburton solicits feedback from employees on their workplace challenges and empowers them to share their perspectives and ideas to improve the overall employee experience — including performance, development, and work-life balance. One of the tools we use to solicit feedback is the biannual Employee Pulse Survey (EPS).

Our August 2021 EPS yielded our highest response rate yet at 77%. Regarding diversity and inclusion, 87% of our employees agreed that they can be their authentic selves at work, and they feel that the Company and their colleagues value their unique traits and ways of working.

First All-Female Halliburton Completion Tools (HCT) Crew Completes Operational Installation

First All-Female Halliburton Completion Tools (HCT) Crew Completes Operational Installation

Halliburton achieved an important milestone: installing our VersaFlex® liner hanger system for a major oil and gas producer in Australia with an all-female crew. This is a first for any HCT operational installation in the area.

The operation involved running liner to a depth of 13,232 ft through a 5,906-ft-long highly deviated section. The HCT completed the job without any HSE or SQ incidents.

Employee Resource Groups

To further support a positive and inclusive work environment, Halliburton has employee resource groups (ERGs) for employees who share an interest in a particular topic or mission. These groups encourage engagement, collaboration, networking, and professional development while enhancing leadership skills and enabling career mobility within Halliburton. We engage with these ERGs to listen, empower, and help educate our workforce.

Participation in our ERGs is voluntary and open to all employees. Halliburton has five ERGs:

  • Women Sharing Excellence (WSE)
  • Black Employees Leading in Inclusion, Excellence, Vision, and Education (BELIEVE)
  • Veterans Leadership Forum (VLF)
  • iMPACT

DE&I Training

In 2021, the Company created and assigned a DE&I training course to the global workforce and required its completion by all full-time employees. This training introduces the acronym INCLUDE, with each letter in the acronym detailing an essential behavior supporting DE&I at Halliburton. The training features videos of Halliburton leaders from around the world describing what each of the behaviors means to them.

Building on a 2020 global townhall meeting that focused on implicit bias and race, we assigned mandatory training on achieving racial equality in the workplace to all North American employees. We also made this training available globally. Topics covered in the training include practical strategies to address concerns about racial equality and the initiation of conversations about how we can recognize differences, seek understanding, and create a more inclusive environment.

Inquire across differences

Nurture collaboration

Challenge yourself and others

Lean into discomfort

Understand differences

Diversify your network

Empathetic listening

Development of Local Workforces

As one of the world’s most diverse companies, we positively impact communities around the world by investing in the development of the local workforce. We hire locals and give them access to our classroom and virtual training, on-the-job training, and competency programs.

Additionally, we develop local relationships and align with universities and national oil companies to further skills and awareness of opportunities within our industry. Our focus is to increase the percentage of our workforce and our leadership that is localized, and we have made tremendous progress on our goals through these efforts.

Halliburton Opens a Mud Learning Lab at the University of Guyana

Halliburton Opens a Mud Learning Lab at the University of Guyana

In 2021, as part of an ongoing commitment to promote our industry in Guyana, the Halliburton Guyana team — which includes Global Business Development, Landmark, and Baroid — launched the Mud Learning Lab at the University of Guyana. 

The team also provided a software grant that will enable students and lecturers to train on the DecisionSpace® suite of petrotechnical applications in drilling, geosciences, information management, and platform technology. This collaboration facilitates enhanced training for students of petroleum and geological engineering, chemistry, and earth and environmental sciences. Other aspects of the project include maintenance, training, and technical support for staff and student development. 

Our partnership with the university dates back to 2019 when we signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) valued at $2 million. Under the MOU, we seek to transfer our knowledge, expertise, and technology to help develop local talent and, particularly, to invest in the future of the students who will one day be the leaders of the energy industry in Guyana and will shape the sustainability of the industry.


of our workforce are locals of areas where they work


of our managers are locals of areas where they work

Investment in the Future

Through our Recruiting Inclusive Scholars in Energy (RISE) program, we support historically black colleges and universities (HBCU). As a result, we have deepened our diversity and inclusivity mission while building our pipeline of future talent. In Texas, Halliburton provided a $1 million scholarship fund to Prairie View A&M University. Additionally, Halliburton is developing a relationship with Texas Southern University through charitable giving, career development support, and internships.

Halliburton also supports initiatives to increase the representation of women in STEM roles. For Girl Day at The University of Texas at Austin, presented by the Women in Engineering Program (WEP), Halliburton provided financial support to give more than 8,000 female elementary and middle school students the opportunity to explore STEM roles through hands-on activities, videos, and demonstrations. Another event, the Halliburton Program for Women at Georgia Tech, serves to recruit and retain female engineering students in the academic program that produces the largest number of female engineering graduates in the U.S.


Halliburton has recruiting programs in place at academic institutions for internships and entry-level roles. To carry out our recruiting activities, we develop relationships with diversity-focused student organizations, provide professional development sessions to students, engage our ERGs to participate in select university events, and participate in outreach efforts through programs supported by our Educational Advisory Board.

Halliburton prioritizes diversity because it creates a more diverse pipeline for sourcing entry-level roles. We give our interns the opportunity to interact with our ERGs so they understand our focus on diversity and inclusion. In the last two years, our percentage of total female interns has increased from 39% to 43%. During that same time, we have increased the percentage of female interns in field operations from 48% to nearly 67%.

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