“Our dedicated employees embraced change as we fulfilled our value proposition to collaborate and engineer solutions to maximize asset value for our customers. We remained committed to helping our customers satisfy the world’s need for affordable and reliable energy provided by oil and gas — in a more effective, efficient, safe, and ethical manner — while minimizing environmental impact.”

Jeffrey A. Miller, Chairman, President, and CEO

Continuous improvement is built into all facets of our business, from R&D, to team building, delivering sustainable solutions, and meeting the needs of our customers, shareholders, and global communities.


Mission, Values, and Sustainability Guiding Principles

Materiality-Based Approach



  • Our mission is to achieve superior growth and returns for our shareholders by delivering technology and services that improve efficiency, increase recovery, and maximize production for our customers.
  • You can find additional information about our company, including detailed statements on our mission, vision, values, and our sustainability guiding principles.


  • Our values are our corporate DNA, and they are the foundation for how we treat each other and every individual and entity with whom we interact.
  • Our values are Reliability, Safety, Collaboration, Competition, Creativity, Respect, and Integrity.

Sustainability Guiding Principles

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Each year, we identify opportunities to improve our performance and further strengthen our corporate governance.

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See how we proactively manage environmental risks and take measures to reduce energy use, water use, and waste generation.

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It is our goal to enhance the economic and social well-being of our employees and the communities where we live and operate so we can leave a positive legacy.

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