Halliburton maintains regular communications in all relationships to ensure that our Board of Directors and our management receive valuable input about our business performance, strategic priorities, and initiatives. In these discussions, we use our Listen and Respond mainstay as a guiding principle. To support our outreach efforts and further our commitment to transparency, we invested in a new, robust website that we regularly update to share important information with our shareholders, customers, employees, and others.

Institutional Investor magazine once again recognized Halliburton in 2021 with these honors: All-American Executive Ranking as a Most-Honored Company, Best CFO, and Best Investor Relations.


Halliburton values ongoing, open shareholder dialogue to ensure that the Board and management have a regular pulse on investors’ views. This dialogue also provides valuable feedback on how we can continue to improve.

Following our 2021 Annual Meeting, the Board recommitted to more active shareholder engagement. We enhanced shareholder communications, refreshed our shareholder presentation, opened additional availability for director video calls, and listened and responded to shareholders about possible changes to governance and executive compensation.

In 2021, independent Board members offered and held off-season meetings with stewardship representatives from our top shareholders to gain a better understanding of their priorities and concerns prior to the proxy voting season. This off-season investor engagement program was in addition to routine solicitation of shareholder feedback coincident with annual and quarterly reporting, earnings conference calls, and investor meetings. Also, our senior management and Investor Relations team regularly hold meetings and conference calls with analysts, institutional investors, and ESG rating firms, among others. In 2021, Halliburton participated in 13 sell-side conferences, three non-deal roadshows, and approximately 300 investor meetings that are all part of our ongoing shareholder outreach cadence.

Our senior management and directors presented shareholder feedback to the full Board of Directors for discussion. As a result of these engagements and Board consideration of investor feedback, we made changes discussed in this report, including our enhanced Board governance and 2022 annual executive incentive plan.


Our business development team and product service lines (PSLs) meet regularly with our customers to understand their requirements and concerns, including sustainability topics. This input is critical to the investments that we make in research and development (R&D) for new products and services, and to improve existing solutions. To help our customers in their transitions to a lower-carbon future, we work with them to provide solutions and services that reduce their emissions.


With a diverse employee population representing multiple nationalities, we maintain regular employee engagement through a range of initiatives, including personal Check-Ins (Halliburton’s informal performance-management process), workshops, townhall meetings, performance feedback, employee resource groups (ERGs), and our biannual Employee Pulse Survey (EPS). These activities lead to an inclusive workplace in which employees feel their voices are heard no matter where they work. We use the information gleaned from this outreach to improve our workplace.


As a global provider of oil and gas services, we work with suppliers from all over the world and cultivate mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. We obtain feedback and ensure collaboration with suppliers on important matters, such as worker health and safety procedures, human rights compliance, and reduction of environmental impacts. Our communications with suppliers include meetings, workshops, and training sessions.


We engage with government agencies and regulators that are responsible for developing regulatory standards that aim to protect the environmental, social, and economic fabric of the countries in which we operate. Our Halliburton Government Affairs group works alongside local operations management, government officials, and policymakers to provide in-depth information on our business; educate them on our technologies and products; and collaborate on issues that are important to our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Government officials and policymakers often seek out our knowledge and experience on energy-related topics. Additionally, Halliburton supports foreign service offices, consulates, and embassies around the world as a technology and local content resource.

Local Communities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

To support the global communities in which we live and work, we meet with community groups, nonprofit organizations, and NGOs to better understand their requirements and concerns. We give back to our communities through volunteer programs focused on environmental cleanup and awareness, education, health and safety, and social services. We also support community organizations through corporate donations and from our charitable foundations. Through these activities, we assist the economic and social well-being of our communities.

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