Intelligent engineering, operations and automation

Analyse, and diagnose asset production operations in real-time, by connecting engineers, data and equipment through autonomous and connected assets, digital twins, and workflow automation to help transform insights into optimized decisions.

Real-time and connected asset

Connect, automate, and contextualize all available operation data to help deliver efficient production performance.

Never miss a beat: Monitor wells and equipment in real time to help gain insights on production performance.

Take proactive intervention: Assisted diagnostics of wells and equipment performance can provide automated insights and recommended remediation.

Streamline operations: Connect equipment and people, to automatically control and work to optimize production with advance EDGE - Cloud technology.

Efficient field management

Enhance understanding of reservoir-wells-surface systems behaviour with integrated engineering hypothesis and scenarios.

Help optimize field performance: Improve field management decisions and performance with standard workflows and automated analysis.

Enhance field operation insights: Live insights from integrated engineering hypothesis and scenarios supported by physics-based, and informed AI/ML models.

Carbon aware production management: Production and carbon footprint optimization enabled by integrated technologies and effective monitoring.

Connected production engineering & operations

Help optimize well completions and artificial lift system design with integrated flow assurance and integrity management, and automated workflows.

Integrate reservoir and production insights: Seek to breakdown design silos with an advanced simulator that combines reservoir grids and sensor data to model and update near-wellbore inflow.

Efficient completion design: Select from an extensive catalogue of downhole pipe and related equipment and perform scenario analysis in minutes.

Optimize flow dynamics: Helps automatically validate and calibrate your well flow model with ESP, ICD/ICV's and sensor data.

Av 3

month early alert forecast

Av 25

day imminent failure forecast


reduction in losses

We are extremely proud to have worked alongside Halliburton to provide advanced AI solutions to automate complex operating procedures in a dynamic environment. The development of this solution will support ADNOC in optimizing its operations and setting new precedents across the industry.

- Omar Al Marzooqi, CEO of AIQ


reduction in gas lift consumption


reduction in well movement

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