Accelerate digital adoption with iEnergy® Stack, a dedicated private cloud environment that leverages a unified, hyperconverged infrastructure to run E&P workflows on-premises, in addition to complying with stringent regional data regulatory policies.

Up to 80 %

reduction in deployment time

Up to 5x

increase in performance


of current users supported

20 +

complex deployments across the globe


reduction in deployment time


increase in performance


of current users supported


complex deployments across the globe

Digital Transformation of the E&P Industry

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Why iEnergy Stack?

Tried & trusted solution

Proven technology trusted since 2015 by leading nocs (national oil companies) for accelerating their digital transformation.

Minimize it infrastructure complexity

Pre-configured and tested before being deployed, making it the perfect choice if you have limited it resources but need enterprise-level petrotechnical software.

Accelerate time to value for E&P users

Rapidly adopt new technologies to stay ahead of the competition and enable users to easily collaborate across teams and data centers for more efficient and effective decision making.

Help reduce total cost of ownership

Minimize data center footprint, infrastructure operating costs power, cooling and staffing costs for procurement, installation, and long-term maintenance.

Key Features

Data compliance

Comply with stringent national/geographical data sovereignty laws and regulatory policies by deploying a private cloud.

Optimized for E&P workflows

Designed around a proven E&P blueprint that provides best practice guidelines for efficiently running 2D and 3D software.

Open architecture

Built on an open architecture, iEnergy Stack provides seamless integration with user and third-party applications.

Simplified cloud operations

Leverage DevSecOps approach to streamline and automate application deployment through continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) services, resulting in dramatically reduced time for maintenance and patching.

Fully managed services

Get a single point, 24/7 support for deploying, monitoring, and maintaining update cycles for hardware and software.

Security governance

iEnergy Stack is guided by several industry-standard guidelines and best practices including ISO 27001, the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and Cyber Security Framework (CSF).

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