A comprehensive and interconnected citizen-development environment where stakeholders collaborate to develop, manage, and deploy E&P cloud services that address E&P's most pressing challenges and transform customer experience through rapid innovation.

Why join iEnergy® Ecosystem

Cross industry partnerships

Be part of igniting a new era of cross-industry partnerships that revolutionize E&P workflows and accelerate the development and deployment of open and scalable software solutions.

New thinking for new problems

Together we are reimagining the technological and philosophical approach to address new challenges and opportunities with paradigm-busting innovation.


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E&P Credibility

The iEnergy® Ecosystem benefits of global E&P expertise that can be applied to creating the next generation of digital E&P solutions.

E&P Community

Collaborate with the brightest E&P innovators from around the world, facilitates out of the box thinking and innovative software development through shared data, insights, and resources.

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Collaborate and innovate with the best.

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What to expect

Low barrier to entry

Access, develop and deploy innovative solutions with ease through simple contract frameworks and transparent business models.

Cost efficiency

Cost-effective solutions that provide maximum ROI, with no additional fees for iEnergy members when they sell their software.


Truly open architecture enables the easy integration of existing systems with the new software solutions and scalable deployment.

Unparalleled richness

Standardized infrastructure and extensive set of accessible tools to develop, manage and deploy innovative software solutions rapidly and seamlessly.


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