Organic reserves replacement is at its lowest in recent history. To turn this around, it’s critical to maximize recovery from existing assets, identify near-field opportunities from bypassed pay and satellite tie-ins, and drive efficiency in new ventures exploration. 

Quick and improved subsurface decision-making

Enhance your exploration and appraisal lifecycle management with cross-domain workflows and high-quality data generation. 

Complete interpretation and modeling geoscience SaaS

The capabilities you need, in the cloud, to revolutionize the way your team works. 

Secure on-demand, multi-user database technology

A seamless experience that helps keep everyone collaborating. 

Access anytime, anywhere

With anytime, anywhere access, asset teams now have the flexibility to interpret and model regardless of location. 

The DecisionSpace® 365 Geosciences Suite provides innovative solutions to help optimize returns from existing assets and replace produced reserves. 

With proven DecisionSpace technology now available via iEnergy® Cloud, it is easier and more affordable than ever before to keep your organization aligned and on the path to success.