Superior cleaning powered by ultrasonics and chemicals 

Halliburton’s innovative Ultrasonic Cleaning System cleans hydrocarbon processing equipment and tools that are contaminated or corroded faster, safer and more effectively than traditional methods. Employing a combination of ultrasonic technology, chemicals, and heat provides superior results while consuming less energy and water and significantly reducing waste. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Superior Cleaning Powered by Ultrasonics and Chemicals

Ultrasonic Cleaning System


Spotless equipment in a fraction of the time

The Halliburton Ultrasonic Cleaning System makes it possible to clean even the most soiled and corroded tools and equipment fast. 


Mobile unit for flexible use 

The Ultrasonic Cleaning System unit is mobile for easy assembly in a refinery plant wash bay or onboard an offshore installation. Fully automated system functions, including chemical fluid levels, skimming, filtration, heating, and sonic-wave generation, allow you to thoroughly clean more equipment in one convenient unit. 


Micro jets ensure the deepest clean 

Ultrasonic Transducers strategically mounted within the cleaning bath produce cyclic waves of rarefaction-compression throughout the liquid. These waves create microscopic cavitation bubbles that form and implode on all immersed equipment, creating small and forceful micro jets of liquid that remove contaminants from all exposed surfaces regardless of design complexity.





  • Clean combined hydrocarbon residue, salts, corrosion, polymers, and NORM.
  • Reach and remove contamination from hidden areas (interspatial) with submersion technology and sound wave cleaning that are impossible for other methods to reach.
  • Reduce overall cleaning costs through realized savings in energy and purchased resources.
  • Optimize the ultrasonic effect with targeted chemistries.
  • Reduce cleaning water requirements and waste water by up to 80%.

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