Long run life, extended operating range in harsh environments

Tiger Shark II pumps adapt to changing well production and improve gas handling, well drawdown, and ultimate reserve recovery.

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Case Study: Alaska

Diffusers with Erosion Buster®

A side-by-side comparison with standard pump diffusers show Erosion Buster® design nearly doubles Tiger Shark® II pump run life.

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High-performance pumps for applications up to 70,000 BPD

Summit ESP® Tiger Shark® II pumps handle the widest range of production volume. Extended range (XR) flange sleeve technology is available for the most challenging of unconventional plays. XR compression technology provides efficient and reliable operation for large volume applications such as municipal and water wells. Specialty coatings protect pumps from harsh downhole conditions common in unconventional wells, while our novel intake adds further protection from formation fines and frac sand.


  • Patented Ring Lock XT™ bearing system with high thermal expansion material keeps bushings and bearings in place in high-temperature conditions
  • Proprietary hardened bearings deliver 3x longer pump performance
  • Snap-Trap sleeve ensures reliability of spiral rings
  • Wide-vane technology increases gas and solids handling
  • Flanged sleeve sand exclusion technology and the patented Erosion Buster® design decrease wear
  • Design eliminates compression pump and associated time-consuming shimming


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