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Halliburton provides SureGL™ gels and viscosified fluid technologies for a variety of challenges. Our specialized Halliburton gel formulations reduce gas bypass, lubricate pigs and tool seals, and carry solid debris in suspension. High viscosity gels used for fluid isolation and separation are designed to deform and match their surroundings and can be propelled easily through multi-diameter piping and flow restrictions. 

To select the most effective gel, Halliburton specialists consider rheology, shear, system and fluid compatibility, job duration, mixability, residue characteristics, environmental impact of the raw materials and gel mix, field application, and disposal.


Maximum amount of debris (kg)

594 km

The longest pipeline cleaned


Toughest cleaning criteria (OIW)


Proven track record (years)

Debris transportation

A customized low viscosity gel designed for optimum debris transportation. SureGL will pick up loose debris and maintain it in suspension with minimal debris redeposition even at low flowrates. 

Flow maintenance

Paraffin and asphaltene deposits can restrict flow, form a blockage and increase the risk of a stuck pig. SureGL is the first step in the progressive pigging cleaning campaign for the efficient removal of these deposits with minimal risk of blockage .

Product separation

SureGL forms an effective barrier for product separation to improve sealing and minimize product cross contamination.

Lubrication and sealing

Maintaining the integrity of a pig train for long distance pipeline pigging is challenging. The lubricating and sealing properties of SureGL help overcome this.

Change of service

Changing the service of a pipeline can have a lot of uncertainties and constraints. SureGL lowers the overall risk of this operation and reduces turnaround time ensuring optimum cleanliness and minimal contamination of the product.  


SureGL has a proven track record in isolating pipelines, preventing issues related to sea water ingress or displacing and isolating hydrocarbons to allow intervention. For this application, the base fluid for the gel can be tailored to suit your requirement. 

Unpiggable pipelines

Very often, pipelines and maintenance of pipelines can be difficult using standard mechanical pig and tools. SureGL gel pigs can make such lines piggable.

Black powder removal

The removal of black powder from a pipeline is essential to maintain and improve operational efficiency. A specially designed SureGL product with the appropriate carrier fluid, viscosity and surface tension is key to an efficient cleanup and ongoing maintenance program. 

SureGL™ assures

  • Minimal or no product contamination
  • Best-in-class debris transportation capacity
  • Dramatically improved throughput of partially blocked flowlines
  • Cost-effective pipeline isolation and sealing system
  • Effective debris transportation over a wide range of flow rates/velocities
  • High-stability gel systems
  • Easy and environmentally responsible disposal using gel breakers and neutralizing agents

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