Using the power of the sea

Halliburton Phorcys Subsea Pigging and Hydrotesting Units offer greater flow and pressure subsea with unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and versatility. Halliburton has combined pigging and hydrostatic testing capabilities into a single system that can inject four separate chemicals during operations. The Phorcys system provides water filtration and chemical treatment while continuously regulating, monitoring, and data-logging the flooding, pigging, and testing operation.

3000 m

Maximum water depth


Pressure rating as standard


Number of separate chemicals injected


Liters per minute boost pump

Phorcys Subsea Pigging and Hydrotesting Units

  • The latest innovative subsea technology 
  • Incorporating lessons learned from over 20 years of Subsea operations
  • State of the art subsea technology
  • Fast, reliable
  • Easy to set up, run and maintain
  • Combines field proven systems with latest ROV technology
  • Unrivalled flowrates and pressures 
  • Designed, and built in conjunction with a leading ROV manufacturer
  • The most focused subsea precommissioning and pumping unit available

Phorcys™ Subsea Pigging and Hydrotesting Technology

Phorcys™ Subsea Pigging and Hydrotesting Technology

Phorcys 3 Subsea Pigging and Hydrotesting Unit

The Halliburton Phorcys 3 has an unrivaled track record for pre-commissioning, maintaining, and decommissioning subsea pipeline and well systems. The Phorcys 3 unit changes from pigging to hydrostatic testing mode while subsea, reducing operating time and eliminating the need to recover the unit during pre-commissioning. Compact, simple, and easy to operate, the Phorcys 3 incorporates proven mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems. Phorcys 3 advantages include:

  •  High-flow and high-pressure systems powered by ROV hydraulics
  •  Collapse-resistant flooding 3-inch loading arm
  •  Integral pumping system, filtration, and flow control
  •  Onboard data logging system
  •  Mobilized as two skids, connected and deployed subsea as a single lift
  •  Compact footprint when assembled
  •  Autonomous free flooding and hydrotest hold
  •  Hydraulic hot stab for compatibility with most work class ROVs
  •  Corrosion-resistant alloy components
  •  Can be “wet stored” subsea for extended periods


Phorcys 3.5 Subsea Pigging and Hydrotesting Unit

Advanced and compact, the Halliburton Phorcys 3.5 is easy to mobilize, configure, operate, and maintain. The Phorcys 3.5 combines field-proven pumping systems with the latest ROV technology for unrivaled flow rates and pressures. The seabed flooding skid and ROV underslung modules can be operated individually or docked and latched together magnetically for minimal hydraulic power requirement. The corrosion-resistant alloy loading arm uses a rugged, standardized bearing set for a more reliable connection. Additional 3.5 advantages include:

  • Pump module directly coupled to ROV hydraulics
  • Smaller, lighter, stronger, easier to maintain
  • Improved filtration and flow control
  • Intelligent dual-module data logging system
  • Base module and pump skid can operate separately or together
  • Higher performance, quicker setup, and simplified maintenance
  • Faster, more efficient mobilization and demobilization
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