Your digital safety net 

Using  Integrity Management software, Halliburton controls and manages the integrity and lifecycle of all joints on industrial pipework. This ultimately prevents bolted and threaded connections from leaking harmful emissions throughout the life of the asset. A master database captures all information, planning, and analysis, as well as inspection, reporting, and leak testing of joints. From construction through commissioning to regular maintenance, fully integrated Integrity Management software is a one-stop solution. 

Eliminating joint failure through improved management control

Eliminating joint failure through improved management control  

Halliburton optimizes control processes at every step of the planning, preparation, data collection, assembly, tightening, repair, reporting, and review stages. This integrated software streamlines the process to identify individual joints, access joint activity history, and store records of technician competencies, certified tooling, and joint design parameters.

Precise, secure, data-driven performance

Every joint is tagged with a unique reference number to give users access to all pre-populated information about that joint. On a tag-by-tag basis, technicians can easily look up a given joint in the software and enter all actions performed on that joint. Several users can use and synchronize into the same master database. The system can be quickly searched  to providei a status check of bolted joints at any time, especially at critical points such as before testing begins. 

Singular database, streamlined processes, minimal human error

In addition to increased data accuracy and reduced data entry, Halliburton Integrity Management software improves general plant safety with full visibility and traceability of your process system status—prior to any commissioning activity. By optimizing work processes, the software enables a safer, leak-free environment and adds tremendous value over existing flange management methods.

Advanced technology and seamless integration  

The Halliburton joint integrity management process is designed to reduce the incidence of hydrocarbon leaks to zero. The added integration of Integrity Management software with Halliburton global service capabilities presents a state-of-the-art, industry-leading solution. 


  • Robust, real-time, data management system accessible throughout asset life
  • Single source database, easy-to-use interface, and transparent user history
  • Visual display of project, joint status, and milestone reports
  • Automated generation of step-by-step procedures for PPS services
  • Fully integrates with all industry-standard torque and tensioning tools
  • Enables attachment of photos, reports and other relevant documentation, 
  • Connects multiple users on a master database via SQL server
  • Generates job and joint-specific equipment lists
  • Organizes data by systems, subsystems, line numbers, ISO numbers, locations and other factors
  • Revisions are easily modified and accessible for all parties at any time