Experience when and where it matters

Halliburton Boots & Coots’ Services, a leading provider of relief well services, have unmatched global well control experience, expertise and worldwide support. We've been involved in many successful high-profile relief well projects, providing accurate target well interception and successful well killing operations. Our flawless execution in challenging environments, depends on the best application of technology, experience and resources. In conjunction with Halliburton ranging services, we set the standard for relief well accuracy and precise target well identification.

Advanced relief well management and design services

Boots & Coots’ relief well engineers plan and design optimal relief well trajectories using industry accepted Compass software from Landmark. Often working in unison with other Boots & Coots and Halliburton product lines, or third party service providers in a managed project, seamless integration of these services provides the most efficacious solution.

Boots & Coots’ relief well services are employed when unacceptably high risks are associated with surface intervention options:

  • Accurate trajectory planning and rapid implementation in an emergency
  • Optimization of all facets of relief well drilling
  • Provision of detailed and comprehensive plans
  • Seamless integration of Halliburton services
  • Years of experience
  • Integrated solutions with PMI accredited project managers