Rapid response to subsea loss of source control

Halliburton’s rapid response Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP℠) deploys to subsea well control incidents within days not weeks, meeting regulatory requirements governing response times. Featuring the third-generation RapidCap™ capping stack, rated for 15,000 psi and 12,000 ft seawater depth, the unique modular configuration of the gate-valve-based system is designed to be air-mobile.  Gate valves eliminate the need for installing subsea accumulator modules and provides a significantly lighter and more mobile system than larger, less maneuverable ram-based systems.

World Oil / July 2016

Halliburton introduces rapid intervention package with capping stack

Halliburton Boots & Coots Services, announced that it has developed a global rapid intervention package (GRIP), a suite of services to help reduce costs and deployment time in the event of subsea well control events.

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Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP℠)

Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP℠)

Modular design specifically for air-mobilization


Feet maximum rated water depth


PSI rated wellbore equipment working pressure


Maximum discharge / vent rate during capping operations

Logistically expedient operations

The modular design of GRIP components enables mobilization on six flatbed trucks and transport on a two Boeing 747-800F or one Antonov 124 aircraft. The GRIP suite includes an air-mobile ‘Top Hat,’ debris-removal cutting tools, a wellhead dispersant interface, and the means for containment if required. Coupled with Boots & Coots’ industry-leading engineering services, Halliburton’s GRIP provides the industry’s most rapid response to subsea source control incidents.