Maintain pressure control, reduce time and cost

Halliburton Boots & Coots’ well freeze includes dry ice and cryogenic services that provide a temporary ice plug to maintain pressure control while facilitating the repair or removal of defective wellhead surface components, such as lubricators, tubing, casing and gate valves. Boots & Coots uses dry ice packing or cryogenic freeze with copper tubing and nitrogen during the controlled freezing process.

Dry Ice Freeze Operations

Freeze and Cryogenic Services Advantages

  • Onshore and offshore applications
  • Proprietary freezing process
  • Rated working temperature of -80° to -109°F (-62° to -78°C)
  • Available in various sizes of copper tubing

Freeze and Cryogenic Services Benefits

  • Eliminates killing the well with expensive kill fluids
  • Requires minimal personnel and equipment
  • The most experienced personnel in pressure control services
  • Units staged worldwide for rapid deployment