The next milestone in offshore cementing

The Cognitus automated cementing platform allows an operator to control an offshore cement unit from onshore to fully automate the delivery of the job. The platform includes two main features – remote control functionality and automation. Together, these features enable the delivery of an offshore cement job with increased efficiency, reduced cost, and less exposure to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), which mark an important step towards carbon footprint reduction.


Improved operational efficiency through remote-control functionality

The remote control functionality of the Cognitus platform ties the rig’s cementing equipment together. The offshore cement unit’s manual controls, valving, and ancillary equipment are fitted with automated controls and wired to PLC controllers to allow the system to be operated by a Human Machine Interface (HMI). The HMI is replicated onshore and allows the operator in a Realtime Onshore Center (ROC) to perform the same functions onshore as offshore. Remote capabilities permit the centralization of experienced personnel to provide enhanced real time oversight onshore. Servicing multiple rigs remotely optimizes personnel time and knowledge to improve operational efficiency. Additionally, because our remote, automated cementing capability can reduce the number of operators offshore at the rig site, we can also reduce exposure to the inherent risks present at a wellsite.


Increased quality and consistent delivery through automation

The main challenge with remote functionality from shore resides in maintaining connectivity with the offshore unit while sending and receiving large amounts of data over a secure network. Data needs to be transmitted from the unit’s controls, audio communication, and video monitoring. Losing connectivity would halt remote operations and negatively impact efficiency and cost. Automation, the second feature of the Cognitus platform, is the key to overcome connectivity challenges and achieve efficiency and consistency with remote cementing operations.

In a conventional remotely operated cement job, hundreds of actions or mouse clicks are required to execute the stages of a job. The Cognitus automated cementing platform consolidates these hundreds of actions into an automated sequence of less than 10 actions. Once programmed, each stage of the cement job is performed automatically while being monitored by an onshore operator. The onshore operator has real-time oversight to the job stages offshore, including cement density, cement tub level, liquid additive rates and concentrations, and the flow/fluid path diagram on the unit. While the operator can switch from automatic to manual mode at any time, automation frees the operator to provide closer oversight to critical job steps like cement rates and pressures to deliver improved Service Quality. Automation also improves job placement time because the computer analyzes the real time inputs faster than is humanly possible to optimize slurry/mix rates.

The Cognitus automated cementing platform’s logic is held in the cementing unit offshore. In the event communication is lost between the onshore operator and the offshore unit, each job stage continues based on commands that have been programmed into the Cognitus platform. Decades of Halliburton experience and best practices are programmed into the platform and are applied to every job, to thereby ensure a consistent and quality job execution every time.


Improved operational efficiency

Enhanced oversight

Reduced HSE exposure

Increased Service Quality


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