MaxFire™ SL Electronic Firing System


The Halliburton MaxFire™ SL Electronic Firing system has numerous built-in safety features, which enable explosive tools to be deployed and initiated on slickline, coil tubing, or jointed pipe. The tool uses temperature, pressure, tool motion and time parameters, which must all match programmed values before the tool can function.

As more challenging and complex wells are explored, the Halliburton MaxFire system provides the flexibility needed for downhole, firing solution.



  • Field programmable
  • Customizable programming provides flexibility
  • Initial safeguards are mechanical pressure switch and temperature safety switch
  • System records firing event for confirmation
  • Provides a pressure and temperature memory log with every run 


  • Can be deployed on slickline, coil tubing, or jointed pipe
  • Designed for use with Halliburton Rig Environment Detonator (RED®) or igniter
  • Customizable programming parameters
  • Programmable up to a 6-day run time
  • Firing sequence can be reset or halted at any time with motion 

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