DrillGun™ Perforating System

Another Innovative, Cost-Effective Solution From Halliburton

Halliburton has developed the DrillGun™ assembly to be a drillable perforating system that provides reliable, quality performance while lowering overall wellsite costs by:

  • Eliminating the high costs associated with wireline services
  • Eliminating the need to switch to a mud system for workovers

The DrillGun Perforating System is a new method that combines rugged, reliable Halliburton perforating components with the versatility of drillable materials. It is this type of innovative design that has made Halliburton the leader in perforating charge performance and delivery systems.

Now, with the DrillGun Perforating System, you have a drillable, disposable system that helps save you two of the most valuable commodities at the wellsite, time and money.