Rotary Sidewall Coring (RSCT™) Tool

Easily Acquire Up to 60 Undistorted Core Samples in a Single Pass

The RSCT tool is deployed on wire into the borehole and, when on-depth, a computerized surface system is used to extend a small coring bit into the formation. Name the formation – and the Rotary Sidewall Coring (RSCT™) Tool can acquire up to 60 core samples in a single run, giving you undistorted samples for a range of petrophysical testing and analysis. The industry-leading RSCT tool drills perpendicular to the bore hole to recover cores in a wide range of hard rock or soft rock formations. Easily managed by a two-man team, the tool's gamma ray positioning and continuous monitoring provide accurate core point location.

The business end of the RSCT tool (pictured here) is a diamond bit rotating at 2,000 RPM that cuts a 15/16-in OD, I-3/4 in. long core. After the sample has been cut, a slight vertical movement of the bit breaks the core sample. The sample is then withdrawn into the tool, and the core is punched into a receiver tube. An indicator reveals both the existence and length of the sample. The tool is then ready for the next selected core point. The RCST tool can be run on Toolpusher™ coiled tubing or as a stand-alone tool on third-party logging units.


Rotary Sidewall Coring (RSCT™) Tool

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Summary Summary RSCT™ (Rotary Sidewall Coring Tool)
The RSCT™ tool diamond-drills cores perpendicular to the borehole wall with continuous monitoring of the coring process. After gamma ray depth positioning, a backup shoe is extended to decentralize and hold the tool securely against the formation. A diamond bit rotating at 2,000 rpm cuts a 1.3125-in. OD, 1.75-in. long sample from the formation. Surface control of weight-on-bit optimizes drilling.
Summary Summary Rotary Sidewall Coring (RSCT™) Tool
Acquires up to 60 core samples in a single run, providing undistorted samples for a range of petrophysical testing and analysis, free of micro-fractures typical in percussion cores.
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