ICE Core® Fluid Analysis Service

New generation of downhole fluid composition

The RDT Integrated Characterization Section (ICS) expands measurements of fluid composition downhole by using ICE Core® technology. Based on our unique multivariate optical computing technique, this enables high-resolution hydrocarbon compositional analysis.

Measurement of Saturates, Resins, Aromatics, and Asphaltenes (SARA)

With superior signal-to-noise ratio compared to conventional downhole techniques, our ICE Core technology uses direct optical computing of the full wavelength to create a unique fingerprint of the fluid, including differentiation of the C6+ SARA fractions.

Gas composition

ICE Core technology measures single-phase gas components—C1, C2, C3, C4-5, and CO2. We also measure total gas GOR directly, not as an estimate from C1, making the measurement more accurate.

Display weight percentage

The ICS measures an absolute density of each measured component. It can be displayed in weight percentages, making the final results directly comparable to lab measurements with an easy-to-use composition display.

Sample purity determination

The ICS with multiple ICE Core samples uses gas and the liquid-phase composition to determine contamination. As methane gas isn’t present in oil-based mud, the gas volume and GOR can be used. When combined with the SARA composition, the change in liquid-phase content can also be determined as the SARA fingerprint of filtrate and native fluid differs.


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