Xaminer® Sonic Imager

Quiet design. High-fidelity data. Advanced applications

Xaminer Sonic Imager

Our Xaminer® Sonic Imager (XSI™) service provides high-fidelity data via its quiet tool design, hybrid onboard memory, real-time wireline telemetry data paths, and advanced processing. The state-of-the-art design enables characterization of seismic properties, geomechanics, and completion needs in a wide range of reservoirs. P-wave and S-wave slowness can be obtained in formation conditions ranging from poorly consolidated, high-porosity gas-saturated sandstones to low-porosity carbonates.

The XSI service boasts four broadband MP sources for enhanced flexibility in run designs. It includes the industry’s longest spaced MP from receivers for measuring beyond altered zones, along with options for cement bond logging and radial profiling. Our broadband sources also enable advanced P-wave applications like:

  • Radial profiling
  • Altered zone detection
  • Acoustic imaging
  • Stoneley analysis of fractures
  • Transverse anisotropy for seismic analysis

On-the-fly flexibility

In-hole tool programmability allows quick configuration changes between logging programs—from conventional cement bond log mapping in cased holes to deep formation imaging in open holes.

Unprecedented modal purity

Densely spaced azimuthal receiver arrays and two low-frequency dipole sources have unprecedented modal purity over a wide frequency range for nearly complete flexural mode measurement. Our oriented measurement of fast and slow shear-wave traveltimes means you can calculate minimum and maximum principal stresses and stress-field orientation. This information is vital for geomechanical analysis, wellbore stability, and production-enhancement treatment design.

Xaminer® Sonic Imager

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