CleanWave® Frac Flowback and Produced
Water Treatment

Enables recycling of flowback and produced water at the wellsite
For every barrel of oil produced, approximately three barrels of water are produced. And, between 10% and 40% of the fluid volume used in fracturing operations flows back during the subsequent clean-up.

Halliburton addresses these water management issues by offering the CleanWaveSM service. The service features a mobile electrocoagulation component that uses electricity to treat flowback and produced water at rates of up to 26,000 bbl/day while using minimal power. 

The CleanWave™ system destabilizes and coagulates the suspended colloidal matter in water. When contaminated water passes through the electrocoagulation cells, the anodic process releases positively charged ions, which bind onto the negatively charged colloidal particles in water resulting in coagulation. At the same time, gas bubbles, produced at the cathode, attach to the coagulated matter causing it to float to the surface where it is removed by a surface skimmer. Heavier coagulants sink to the bottom, leaving clear water, suitable for use in drilling and production operations.

Reduces transportation, procurement, and disposal costs for the Operator
Halliburton’s CleanWave service treatment enables operators to generate water for reuse in fracturing fluids or reuse in other drilling and production processes. This minimizes fresh water consumption and the costs associated with procurement and disposal.

As water becomes increasingly scarce and environmental regulations become tighter, Halliburton continues to offer the technology and expertise Operators need to manage and correctly dispose of produced water, lessening their dependence on fresh water.

CleanWave® Frac Flowback and Produced Water Treatment

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