Pinpoint Multistage Fracturing with Coiled Tubing

To truly optimize a multi-zone stimulation treatment of unconventional reservoirs we must move away from the premise that the speed of the operation and initial production are all that determine success.  Typically disregarded when applying common completion techniques are long-term production results and the time and costs associated with unplanned events, such as a screenout or stuck plug.  To ensure success we must begin at the reservoir, and adopt a new focus on rock mechanics.  By using formation evaluation as the primary determining factor in selecting the most suitable pinpoint stimulation technique, we can offer a low risk, operationally efficient solution that is designed to increase reservoir access and ultimately improve long term production.  Therefore, the fundamental goal is to maximize reservoir access, which depending on the brittleness of the rock can be achieved by adopting a design philosophy focused on either ‘Fracture Intensity’, ‘Reservoir Diversion’ or ‘Stress Induced Complexity’ (See below for more information on these design philosophies).  


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Pinpoint Multistage Fracturing

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Summary Summary CobraMax HJA Service
Depiction of CobraMax HJA and how the tool operates
Summary Summary Cobra Frac H Animation
Animation Of The Cobra Frac H Process
Summary Summary Advanced Multizone Stimulation Technology
SPE Paper #95778 - Advanced Multizone Stimulation Technology
Summary Summary SurgiFracSM Service Used to Stimulate Open-Hole Lateral Adds More Than $927;000 in Value in Just Six Months (New Mexico)
A 2;000-ft open-hole lateral had been drilled in a 4;600-ft Yeso formation well�in a mature�field that the operator believed was depleted. After the lateral was cleaned out and an acid wash hadbeen performed; the well still failed to produce oil. To revive the well; the operator asked Halliburton for an effective method to stimulate the entire lateral and connect it to the formation's natural fracture system.
Summary Summary CobraMax Fracturing Service
Provides the Performance of Conventional Through Tubing Fracturing with the Speed and Versatility of Coiled Tubing Operations. New CobraMax service enables more efficient performance than ever before possible for fracturing multiinterval vertical wells.
Summary Summary CobraMax DM in Shale
CobraMax in Shale
Summary Summary CobraMax DM Service Case History: East Texas
A Low Risk and Efficient Operation Maximizing Stimulated Reservoir Volume in the Austin Chalk
Summary Summary CobraMax® DM Service
Enables High-Intensity Multistage Fracturing with Proppant Concentration Control
Summary Summary CobraMax H Fracturing Service
Pinpoint stimulation technology to Effectively Fracture Horizontal Wellbores and Overcome the Effects of Flow Convergence
Summary Summary SurgiFrac® Service Increases Production; Adds Approximately $112,000 of Value (Case History) Sign in required
An operator needed to accurately place an acid treatment throughout a 1600 foot horizontal open hole section of a 6,765 foot well in the Niagaran reef.
Summary Summary Cobra Frac® Animation
Cobra Frac® Animation
Summary Summary Cobra Frac Service
Operating in today's aging reservoirs, operators are challenged with finding an effective method for stimulating shallow sand formations in under pressured gas reservoirs. In addition, in long intervals, an initial fracturing treatment may not effectively
Summary Summary CobraMax® DM fracturing service with Downhole Mixing
Optimize each fracture treatment by real-time control of rate and proppant concentration at the perforations in response to reservoir pressure with the use of CobraMax® DM fracturing service with Downhole Mixing
Summary Summary Pinpoint Multistage Fracturing
Halliburton is the undisputed market leader in multi-stage pinpoint reservoir stimulation.
Summary Summary reservoir-diversion-in-moderately-brittle-rock
More fracture complexity can be created in moderately brittle rock by using far-field diversion to overcome the stress anisotropy and open up natural fractures or planes of weakness in the rock heterogeneity
Summary Summary fracture-intensity-in-ductile-rock
Fracturing in Ductile rock will most often result in a bi-wing fracture with little to no complexity
Summary Summary stress-induced-complexity-in-brittle-rock
In order to capitalize on the complexity created in Brittle rock, alternate sequence fracturing can be used to reduce or possibly reverse the stress anisotropy.
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